Learn from Paul Kek and Renaye Chen

Attention: Anyone who wants to appreciate one’s own character, personality, inner desires, life journey and the external issues.

  • Conducted more than 42,000 consultations and numerous classes in Singapore and various countries over the past 19 years
  • Their passion is to share this unique knowledge using Numerical Calculations, Colour Healing and Crystals Techniques to empower others in their career, relationships, finance and wellbeing.

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If you are interested in setting directions and formulate plans for the future, or anticipate and engage the surrounding challenges proactively.. this is for you.

We provide you the most cutting-edge advisory service, combining ancient traditional wisdom and relevant modern psychology and science.

What we usually cover during our webinars

Develop good insights on the affinity and inclinations of individuals and/or for the team as a whole -
Grasp the specific traits of how various metaphysics tool/system can help a learner understand oneself and others better

Anticipate and engage the surrounding challenges proactively -
Apply the knowledge learnt to appreciate one’s own character, personality, inner desires, life journey and the external issues

Set directions and formulate plans for the future -
Apply the knowledge learnt and incorporate it with your inherited talents to overcome internal and external challenges, and to achieve your goals ultimately

Engage anyone or potential partner with good and relevant conversations -
Applying this knowledge and information as an ice-breaker. Provide relevant advice to others or as an add on tool in your career or general life.

Make quick assessments on the suitability of a relationship or potential partner -
Apply the skills to improve relationships with family, spouse/partner, friends and co-workers/clients. This knowledge can assist one to engage suitable employees or work better with your potential/existing business partners.

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What others have said

"I am grateful to have chanced upon Renaye's tarot classes as it has helped me to acquire a life-long skill to not only help myself but also allow me to guide many others in making important decisions in life. I enjoyed every lesson as it was fun and informative. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and skills with us."

- Janice Leong

“I enjoy Renaye’s Tarot classes as she keeps it fun and lighthearted and gets everyone involved in learning activities. She has years of experiences in the Tarot arena and teaches ways of using it for options, confirmation, answers and ways forward. Thanks Renaye!

- Stephanie Goh

"Renaye and Paul Chan have been working with Club Med since 2003, providing consultation services to our commercial office in Singapore and our Club Med resorts in Mauritius, Maldives, Bintan, Bali and Phuket.

​Club Med invited Renaye and Paul to attend our events, such as Body & Soul, to add value for our guests in providing numerology, tarot card readings and other personalised readings and forecasts. The response has always been overwhelming and their services are always in very high demand from our guests. In addition, we request Feng Shui analysis for our commercial office as well as personal numerology and astrology reports for our team members.

Renaye and Paul have always been professional, reliable, personable and their services continue to be greatly valued and appreciated. We will continue to welcome Renaye and Paul to work with us at Club Med!”

- Heidi Kunkel - former Club Med's CEO New Markets of Europe & South Africa

"We would like to thank Renaye and Paul for their help along the years. We have known them for many years and they have always made themselves available for consultation when it was needed during difficult business decisions.

We started out as a small organization of less than 5 people and through their guidance and readings we have managed to grow every year exponentially to become a potential game changer in our field. Paul has always been helping us when we moved to new offices, gauging the Fengshui and giving us advice on how the setup of the office needed to be to stand us in good stead.

Renaye filled in when difficult decisions needed to be made and her patient and accurate advice has left us making these decisions with the utmost confidence. With both of their help, the organization has been able to progress in leaps and bounds to a staff strength of close to 100 and we attribute a huge part of our current success to them. Thank you Renaye and Paul!"

Adrian Ang - Chief Executive Officer The team at AGB Education Centre Pte Ltd

Meet the speakers

Renaye Chen

  • Professional Metaphysics Consultant/Speaker/Author/Facilitator
  • Karuna Certified Reiki Master
  • Certified Aura-Soma Practitioner (Art & Science Int’l Academy of Colour Technologies, UK)
  • Certified Heal Your Life Leadership (under Louise Hay's Teaching Programme)
  • Certified Numerology Teacher/Consultant Certified Crystals and Colours Consultant/Trainer, Australia

Renaye is a multi-disciplinary consultant who has garnered respect for her work with personal and business clients alike. A published author and regular speaker with radio stations both locally as well as abroad, she has written articles for several publications, such as Singapore’s Xin Min Daily, Lian He Wan Bao as well as overseas magazines Parents (Beijing) and local magazines L'Officel (Beijing), Her World Plus , I Weekly and CLEO. An Acta-certified instructor, Renaye has been conducting corporate and WSQ programmes in her unique, affable way.

Since her move to leave the legal industry in 2001, Renaye has gone on to pursue her passion and career as a Astro-Numerology Personality & Astro-Tarot Consultant and Speaker, and has conducted numerous talks and workshops in Singapore, China (Beijing, Changsha, Shenzhen, Haikou), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang), Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali, Bintan), Phuket Thailand, Maldives as well as Mauritius.

Her greatest motivation since founding is to empower people, especially women, by unlocking their unnoticed potential. She also has a perchance to link people up when she sees their romantic potential.

Paul Kek

  • Professional Certified Ba Zi & Feng Shui Master
  • Certified Numerology & Tarot Consultant
  • Certified Crystal Works Advisor
  • Certified Colour Therapy Advisor

Since he first gave Aura Photo readings in 1996 after joining Number One Products Company (NOP) in Singapore, Paul has gone on to further his knowledge and skills to better the life of his clients.

Paul is a certified Ba Zi and Feng Shui Master, who occasionally guest speaks at radio stations locally as well as abroad. The ACTA-certified instructor is frequently tasked with corporate talks and workshops for companies who want to imbue their staff and customers with helpful knowledge. His Feng Shui sessions have been conducted in Singapore, several other countries across Asia such as China, Indonesia, Myanmar as well as San Francisco.

He has been an invited guest speaker on Sohu.com and Beijing Radio Station in Beijing, China, sharing on the topics of Astrology, Colours, Crystals and Numerology. In Singapore, Paul was a guest speaker on Singapore’s 95.8FM Chinese radio station, and was also interviewed on the areas of Crystals and Colours by Channel News Asia.

Paul believes that traditional wisdom is a powerful big data arena. His wish is to make these knowledges relevant in modern times, as well as effect positive, tangible results for his clients.

About Paul and Renaye

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Mr Paul Kek and his partner, Ms. Renaye Chan are co-founders of Alchemy Consultancy Services & Alchemy International Academia Pte Ltd. They have been providing consultations, conducting corporate talks and workshops for both public and corporate companies since 2002.

Their corporate clientele includes Ministry of Defence (under CMD), Asia Tiger Breweries, Jobscentral Career Fair, Her World Bridal Fair, Mediacorp, Schneider Electric (Singapore and Beijing), People Construction Bank of China Beijing, SPH (ST Jobs Career Fair), 3M, DBS Bank Singapore, L’Officiel Magazine Beijing, Parents Magazine Beijing, Marriage and Home Magazine Beijing, JW Marriott Hotel Beijing China, Ritz Carlton Beijing China, Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore, St Regis Hotel Bali, Estee Launder, Chanel, La Mer, Shu Uemura, Triumph International, Pomellato, Bvlgari Kuala Lumpur, Lux Asia (La Prarie), Club Med Bintan, Phuket, Bali, Maldives & Mauritius, Christian Dior, IOMA Paris, etc.

Over the past 19 years, they have also conducted more than 42,000 consultations and numerous classes in Singapore and various countries. Their passion is to share this unique knowledge using Numerical Calculations, Colour Healing and Crystals Techniques to empower others in their career, relationships, finance and wellbeing.